The committee for 2019-2020, as elected at the 7/03/2019 AGM are as follows:

Vice PresidentJack
Secretary (including Membership)Margot
Boating OfficerRichard “Dusty”
Equipment OfficerSteven
Information OfficerPeter
General MemberZijing (Daniel) Du,
Nino Bartolovic

The club communicates internally through the Committee e-mail distribution list, that requires administration privileges.


The constitution was adopted as a special general meeting (SGM) held at Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club premises on 5th May, 2016.

Code of Conduct

Acceptance to the Club’s Code of Conduct is required for membership and ongoing participation in activities.

Club Definition Policy

Defines the AUSC’s information/details

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name

Safety and Risk Management

All incidents, whether someone got hurt, equipment damage, or simply a near miss, should be reported to the Activity Organiser (scuba diving trip organisers / boat handlers, etc.). All incidents are raised and discussed at every Committee Meeting. An incident register is kept so learnings can be kept, and actions can be tracked.

AUSC Conducts Annual Risk Management Auditing and Mitigation