The club maintains a dozen full sets of scuba gear, 25 tanks, countless wetsuits and weight belts for use by members. The club house has a compressor so that tanks can be filled on a thursday night or before a dive if there is enough time.

What Members Need

All members are required to have some basic pieces of equipment that are not available for hire from the club. These are:

  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Wetsuit Boots

These few items are the basics that are needed to get started. All other equipment can be hired from the club at very commercial rates. Members need to be prepared to be involved in the club, as AUSC is not a commercial charter or shop.


AUSC has 3 compressors: There is our main club room compressor which can be used to fill tanks either before a dive or on Thursday night. We also have two portable compressors which we use when exploring regional South Australia.

The main compressor is located at the club rooms

Paying for Equipment and Air Fills

We use the Adelaide Uni Sport website for Payment of Air Fills, Equipment & Boat Dives.  You must be a current member.

Equipment Pricing

Item Price Price Cap (Student/Training) Description / Notes
Air Fill
Tank (With Air Fill) $10.00    
Tank (Without Air Fill) $5.00  
BCD $7.00
Regulator $13.00  Comes with a Computer
Wetsuit $8.00  
Weight belt / Weights $4.00  ✓  
Fins (including booties) $5.00    Club members should aim to own their own
Gloves $3.00    Club members should aim to own their own
Hood $3.00    Club members should aim to own their own
Mask (including snorkel) $3.00    Club members should aim to own their own

There is a price cap for students or members conducting training of $30 for the hire of a Tank, BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit & Weight belt. Limit of 2 tanks and does not include air fills or boat fee. Consequently, a double boat dive with full hire will cost $30 + 2 x $5 (air fills) + $30 (boat fee) = $70.

The below items are special hire and are subject to availability and general approval.

Oxygen Tank $10.00 Private hire (emergency oxygen available with boat dives), subject to not being needed by Club Oxygen must be refilled at Renter’s organisation/expense
Freedom 7
$15.00 Private hire (freely available with boat dives), subject to not being needed by Club

Notes About Hiring Equipment

  • Refer to the boats page for additional boat fee pricing
  • Only club members may hire and use club equipment
  • Test hired tanks and regs before taking them from the club
  • Hire period is seven days (Thursday to Thursday), subject to Equipment Return requirements
  • Equipment must be returned clean and in good order
  • Faulty equipment is to be marked and reported on return
  • Air fills for Reef Watch activities are free of charge
  • The number of weights on a hired weight belt is to be recorded in the equipment hire register

Equipment Return

Equipment should be returned to the club immediately following a dive trip. If this is not possible, the equipment must be returned no later than 7 p.m. on the Thursday following the day of the dive trip.

Overdue fees are calculated at 150% of normal hire fees.