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COVID-19 Risk Mitigation

We have implemented some mitigations in order to minimise the risk posed by COVID-19.  These include:

  • Attendance to the club must include prior notice to ensure we are below the current limits as per SA Health Guidelines
  • Hand sanitiser to be provided when filling tanks
  • Updated: Boat Dives are now at full capacity, but require divers to wear gloves, sit in the same location and gear up as independently as possible
  • Sanitisation of Regulators as per DAN recommendations & Extended Gear Hire to 2-4 weeks
  • Dive Trips to be limited as per SA Health Guidelines
  • As of 21st August 2020 COVID Marshels will be in attendance for all events

Please read the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Document for more details


Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club is one of the largest underwater activity clubs in South Australia. The club has over 150 members of varying experience, ranging from beginners to instructors.

Local dives are organised every weekend, and mid-week night and dawn dives are also popular. For all the latest information on club activities and planned dives, make sure you join the club’s facebook group.

The club has two well equipped dive boats, a compressor and banks unit for air fills and hires out modern scuba units. Every year, the club helps to organise dive courses for new members.

Membership Diversity

Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club has a diverse membership with experience ranging from beginners in the process of completing their Open Water Courses through to divers with mixed gas, technical and cave qualifications that choose to log more than 150 dives each year with the club. There is a strong focus on making diving accessible to members of all levels of experience, with the vast majority of the club’s week to week activities suitable for the entire membership.

AUSC has strong links with the University of Adelaide through Adelaide University Sport, and is committed to providing students access to safe, economical diving activities. The club is very active with local dives heading out every weekend throughout the year, regular mid week night dives and trips away within South Australia.

Throughout the year, AUSC organises a number of allied training courses in boat handling and seamanship, coastal navigation and marine radio operation, as well as DAN oxygen and resuscitation, and senior first aid certifications.