Taking pride on the water: Vitamin Sea (2015)

Vitamin Sea is a 6.5m rigid hulled inflatable boat with a fiberglass hull and inflatable pontoons made by Gemini Marine. It is powered by a 150HP Mercury outboard engine and is capable of carrying up to 9 divers. Vessel Registration number II256S.

Rigid hulled inflatables are extremely stable in the water and are favored by many government agencies around the world for their stable profile. They will often be out on the water long after other boats must retreat back to the marina. The stability of a rigid hulled inflatable allows AUSC to quickly reach off-shore dive sites in a safe and stable manner. Vitamin Sea has a full compliment of mandatory safety equipment including VHF Radio, GPS, Sounder, EPIRB, life jackets (both inflatable and foam), flares, and first aid kit. Additionally, we also carry a DAN Oxygen Kit for any medical event that may benefit from the administration of oxygen.

Boat Trip Pricing

We have the following fees to cover boat maintenance when diving local dive sites with the club:
  • Single Dive: $25.00 + $5 fuel levy
  • Double Dive: $35.00 + $5 fuel levy
We have the following fees to cover boat maintenance when diving regional dive sites with the club:

  • Single Dive: $35.00 + $5 fuel levy
  • Double Dive: $45.00 + $5 fuel levy

Essential Equipment for a Boat Dive

Boat dives have some mandatory equipment requirements beyond a typical dive kit. Dive sites visited are typically deeper than shore dives and you may reach your No Decompression Limit before being limited by your remaining air. Therefore, a Dive computer (not bottom timer) is mandatory on all boat dives. To allow you to be seen by the boat if you surface a distance away or visibility is restricted either by wave activity or time of day a Surface Marker Buoys (SMB) mandatory. A SMB also has the benefit of being deployed from depth with a small hand reel to allow the boat the track your position before surfacing and warning other marine traffic there is a diver below. A torch is also required on night / sunset dives but is also recommended on day dives for underwater signaling.

Sun care and hydration are also important aspects of boat diving. AUSC highly recommend a hat and sunglasses plus sunblock. A sufficient supply of personal drinking water must be taken on board for yourself to manage hydration throughout the activity.

Booking a Boat Dive

You need to be a member with the club to dive with us. If your membership is current head on over to our Facebook Group and the dive events will be posted on there. Please note events are posted on the same week as the event as it is impossible to predict weather any further out.

Once you find a dive you are interested in – simply comment on the post to advise the trip coordinator you want to go on the dive. Providing you have membership, the boat is not already full, and you meet the requirements of the clubs advanced dive site policy for advanced sites you will be added to the list. Once on the list you must ensure you keep a eye out for updates and any changes due to weather. You will need to pay for the dive before attending and the trip coordinator will advise you when to pay.

Refund Policy

Due to spots on boat dives being highly contended there is a general rule of no refunds if you cancel or are a no show. If AUSC manages to fill your spot if enough notice is given a refund or dive credit may be considered. All refunds and dive credits are at the discretion of the executive committee.

If AUSC cancels a boat dive due to weather, mechanical issues, sick boat handler etc and you have already paid, AUSC will issue a boat dive credit or refund.