Taking pride on the water are the clubs two boats: Vitamin Sea (2015) and Stargazer (2005).

Both boats are of a rigid hulled inflatable boat design having fibreglass hulls and inflatable pontoons.

This design allows AUSC to safely and quickly reach off-shore dive sites in boats that by design, are inherently safe and stable. Both boats have a full compliment of mandatory safety equipment in addition to other items the club requires including DAN Oxygen kits.

Boat Trip Pricing

We have the following fees for boat maintenance when diving with the club:
  • Single Dive: $20.00
  • Double Dive: $30.00

If you are towing the boat, you can subtract any boat ramp tolls from the total price of the dive.

Boat Information

NameYear of ManufactureRegistrationLength
Vitamin Sea2014II256S6.5m