Membership is open to students and non-students alike, and new members are welcome at any time of the year.

Whether you are a dive instructor, beginner, interested in learning or just love to snorkel, everyone is welcome.

Membership is required to access AUSC services including gear hire, tank fills, boat diving and away trips.

Membership fees have three components comprising of: Adelaide University Sport Capitation, Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club Membership Fee, and a small admin fee from the membership platform which is calculated at checkout and not included below. The Adelaide University Sport capitation makes up the largest component of your membership fees but is discounted for for those with a connection to Adelaide University (students, graduates, and staff).

All memberships are valid until the 31st of January from the date of purchase.

Adult Memberships (Over 18)Yearly Cost
Adelaide University Student$31.00
Adelaide University Graduate$91.50
Adelaide University Staff$91.50
General Membership$113.50
Junior Memberships (Under 18)Yearly Cost
Junior Adelaide University Student$31.00
General Junior Membership$58.50
Note on junior memberships: Junior memberships are offered under a reduced fee structure, however your parent or guardian must be a certified diver that is also club member. When partaking in club activities, diving with the club, or hiring gear as a junior member your parent of guardian must accompany you.

To join or register your membership click through to AU Sport’s website. From there you can join as a new member or renew an expired club membership.

Once you are a member make sure to Join the Club’s Facebook Group to receive regular updates about what’s happening in the club and to organise a dive.

Please note student prices are only available for Adelaide University students. We cannot provide discounts for students from other universities – this includes the University of South Australia (UNI SA).