Diving With the Club

Scuba diving with the club shouldn’t be scary or off putting, and they often turn out to be really fun days both below and above the water.

The Activity Organiser and Boat Handler (often the same person) have a lot to do and a lot of responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or otherwise ask how you can assist preparation and the dive launch.

Before the dive

  • Keep an eye on Facebook for dives that go out. Respond to Facebook events/threads as required.
  • If you post an I will join the dive message and later must cancel, advise the Activity Organiser promptly.
  • If you need a lift to the club, just comment. More often than note, there will be people driving through the city, rather than lugging your dive gear by bus.
  • If the proposed dive is beyond your skills or experience, ask if the site can be changed.
  • Most club hire gear can be organised in the morning of the dive, but wet suits are time consuming to try on for your size, so best coming along on a Thursday night to get it right.

Turning up for a dive

  • Bring drinking water, sunglasses, a hat (recommend all-round brim and a chin strap), a snack and sunscreen if you use it. Night dives obviously have different requirements.
  • Arrive punctually. If running late, then try to let the Activity Organiser know.
  • If you live a long way from the club and want to meet at the boat ramp, mention this.
  • Not recommended, as sometimes plans may change that get decided at the club.

At the club

  • Ensure that all club gear you hire is recorded in the equipment register.
  • Thoroughly test your gear – check tank air pressure, yoke/valve seals, BCD operation, regulators etc.
  • Be prepared to help out at the club with boat preparation etc.
  • If you don’t know how to navigate to the boat ramp, ask and follow someone.